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A few words about mowing and weedkillers

I love wildflowers, herbs, trees and meadows in a natural setting, or created in gardens. However, it appears most people view wildflowers as ugly weeds that will take over the world, and in the case of one individual on Twitter that they will release 'spores' and start moving.

Even at the bastion of stuffy old-fashioned middle-class gardening, the Chelsea Flower Show, several people on television have mentioned the beauty of wildflowers, natural looking gardens and that heaven forbid weeds may not be all that bad after all. Worryingly, these natural looks and using plants that have not had the ability to self-seed bred out of them are seen by the presenters as this year's "trend and style". Oh no, next year we can go back to fertilisers, weedkillers and bonkers hybrids! 
Unfortunately things are not helped when the leader of our local Gedling Borough Council berates Nottinghamshire County Council for not blasting all weeds with chemicals, as if they are dangerou…

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